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The International Centre for Creativity and Imagination provides a wide-range of services related to creativity and innovation. We collaborate with scientists, artists, chefs, teachers, students, marketers, retirees, citizens and many others. Particular areas of focus include:

  • Creative Community Development
    You know that these topics are important: creative cities, creative community, creative industries, creative class, creative economy, cultural creatives, etc. But how do you intentionally CREATE such places? We can help you develop ideas and apply creativity and imagination with grassroots groups to capitalize on your community's strengths and implement citizen ideas. This works uses the Applied Creative Thinking Process, plus Joseph Beuys' Social Sculpture concepts. We can also assist with specific Creative Problem Solving challenges in your community.

  • Developing Creative and Innovative Organizations
    We can help you assess the climate for creativity and innovation in your organization, help your employees tap into and apply more of their creative talents, generate ideas and solutions for new products and services, and teach proven processes and tools for applied creative thinking. Develop your organization's capacity for creative leadership and innovation. Apply these creativity skills to strategic planning in your organization, as well.

  • Creative Education, Teaching and Youth
    Creative thinking is one of the most important 21st century skills for children to learn. We can help both students and teachers develop creative thinking and problem solving skills and behaviors. 

  • Creative Aging, Retirement and Work
    Creative thinking can be used to discover and imagine what's most purposeful and meaningful in one's life, while applying specific tools to living that purpose and making it real in the world. 

  • Understanding and Developing Creativity in People
    Help your teams, colleagues, organizations, schools and communities understand individuals' unique creative thinking and problem solving style. This program includes a thinking profile tool, which helps people recognize their own creative thinking strengths in relationship to other people's strengths. They also learn how their strengths work together in the Applied Creative Thinking Process in organizations and communities.

  • Participative Public Art ... Art BY the Community and FOR the Community
    Available for children and adults in schools, conferences, cities/communities/neighborhoods, retreats, senior centers and other settings. Plus, keynotes and workshops about applied creativity and public art are also available.

Services Include:

  • Consulting

  • Keynote Speaking

  • Personal Coaching

  • Communications and Creative Services

  • Ideation Sessions

  • Facilitation Services

  • Teaching

  • Organizational and Corporate Retreats

  • Teacher In-Service Workshops and Professional Development

  • Article Writing on These Topics

Sample Workshop and Keynote Topics Include ... With Full Customization and Adaptation Available:

  • Creativity: What Is It?

  • Unleashing and Harnessing Creativity in Your Organization

  • Engaging Creative Communities

  • Teaching for Creativity

  • Building Innovation Capacity

  • Developing Your Creative Strengths

  • Applied Creativity: Playing With Ideas

  • The Urban Imagination: Discovering Your Creative City

  • The Creativity of Molecular Gastronomy

  • Integrating Positive Psychology and Creativity

  • Creativity From the Classroom to the Community



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