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At The Silo
at Hunt Hill Farm - January 16, 2011 in New Milford, Connecticut - Event  is $10 ; all are welcome; registration is requested (by email or 860.355.0300)

"I am beginning to think that the mundane becomes vibrant and vital with the addition of creativity."

  – January 2009

Creativity Networking Series

“The creative force is present in all humans to some degree. Pressures to conform within education and society often silence creative expression for many students and citizens. The potential for its development remains, however. ... The right of an individual to create new ideas and to expect a respectful, supportive climate for their expression is a human right too often ignored. The human right to think and be heard at higher, more complex and mutualistic levels is a necessary added freedom." - Author and Educator Berenice Bleedorn

NEXT UP - JANUARY 16, 2011:
Creative Purpose and Practical Wisdom for 2011
Joe Miguez, Artist, Facilitator and Labyrinth Builder, Labyrinth Experience

As we begin a new year, come and explore how creativity and imagination can help you navigate purpose, meaning and intention in your life. You will enter your own story to see its challenges and successes -- its deep valleys of doubt and its mountaintops of achievement. This experience is an opportunity to discover how to intentionally pay attention to your practical wisdom for living a purposeful life. Creativity Networking is Sunday, January 16, from (NEW TIME) 1 to 2:30 p.m.

  • Joe Miguez is known throughout the United States as the “labyrinth man.” He has built a consulting practice based on stimulating creativity in individuals and groups to achieve personal and organizational innovation. Facilitator, change agent and labyrinth builder, Joe has worked with clients from major corporations, media, college and religious retreat centers. He has conducted workshops and delivered keynotes in Canada, Mexico, Europe and the United States. His professional commitment focuses on inspiring reflection in action, step by step.


1:00-2:30 p.m. (NOTE: This is a new time!)
Sunday, January 16, 2010

The Silo @ Hunt Hill Farm
44 Upland Road
New Milford, Connecticut 06776

This monthly Creativity Networking Series provides a forum for exploring the many facets of creativity and for discovering and networking with other people interested in creativity.

Creativity matters in all aspects of society. If you want to reconnect with your inherent creativity and explore new ways of expressing it, don't miss this series. It will cover topics about creativity in all forms (including, but not limited to, arts), creative thinking, creative communities, creativity and education, creativity in organizations, creative persons, the creative process, creative aging and more. The series includes opportunities to learn with others, to think in new ways, and to generate new ideas. The format of the monthly Creativity Networking sessions will be informal and will usually include about a presentation or experiential workshop (from a different facilitator each month), dialogue about the topic, and networking with other participants. Come and be inspired to apply your imagination and invent new possibilities for yourself and your community.


"I learned you're never too old to be creative."

  – March 2010

"I learned that shared experiences bring strangers together."

  – March 2010

Steven Dahlberg
is head of the International Centre for Creativity and Imagination, which is dedicated to applying creativity to improve the well-being of individuals, organizations and communities. He is associate director/faculty of the Public and Community Engagement group at the University of Connecticut, where he teaches "Creativity + Social Change." He has nearly 20 years of experience teaching and facilitating creative thinking and problem solving, including helping two toy inventors launch a creativity consulting business. His articles have appeared in Training magazine, Knowledge Management News magazine, and Global Knowledge Review. He edits the Applied Imagination and ageing as exile? blogs, and wrote the foreword to Education is Everybody's Business; A Wake-Up Call to Advocates of Educational Change. 

Custom cooking classes, shopping, tasting, museum tours, slide shows, and gallery talks are among the offerings for groups and tours visiting Hunt Hill Farm. Located in the Litchfield Hills of western Connecticut, Hunt Hill Farm has been the location of the Silo since 1972 -- a combination cooking school, art gallery, and gourmet kitchenware/food store. Now operating under the auspices of the Hunt Hill Farm Trust as a nonprofit organization for preservation, the farm is also host to the Skitch Henderson Museum and Hunt Hill Farm Land Preserve.


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