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The Creativity Force: A Berenice D. Bleedorn Site
Creativity and education articles by Berenice Bleedorn.

Creative Class Exchange
Richard Florida's blog.

Purpose and Meaning

See "Creative Wisdom" resources and book list

Are You Deciding on Purpose? (Fast Company)
About Richard Leider's "power of purpose" work.

Changing Hearts and Minds Through the Existential Crisis (PDF)
By R. Scott Webster - Through the existential crisis, beliefs can be identified, valued, prioritized and authenticated.

Charting the Course of Research on Meaning Seeking
By Paul Wong - Our shared vision and common goal is to study the wide-ranging effects of meaning seeking and apply these findings to promote individual well-being, community health and world peace.

Meaning in Life: Psychometric, Clinical and Phenomenological Aspects
By Dominique Louis H. M. Debats - Summarizing this thesis on the above topic, the author concludes with this quote from Camus: "I have seen many people die because life for them was not worth living. From this I conclude that the question of life's meaning is the most urgent question of all."

Aging Trends and Policy

See "Creative Wisdom" resources and book list

The Future of Retirement
HSBC's Future of Retirement survey is the world's largest global study examining people's attitudes, hopes and fears towards their later years. Explore the results of this ongoing multi-national survey here. This survey on attitudes to ageing, longevity and retirement was conducted among 21,329 individuals and 6,018 private sector employers in 20 countries and territories across five continents. The results compare the attitudes of employers and consumers regarding ageing and retirement. The content reflects analysis and interpretation by HSBC and the Oxford institute of Ageing (part of Oxford University) with whom HSBC has joined in a strategic alliance.

HSBC's Global Forum on Ageing and Retirement
A forum designed to engage leading figures in ageing and retirement from around the world - including academics, policy makers, business leaders and other-related organisations.

Analysis of ways to improve employment opportunities for older workers (PDF)
Philip Taylor - Report examines the issue of age and employment within the context of the European Union. It provides an overview of trends in the labour force participation of older workers and explores factors affecting their employment and orientations to work and retirement. Additionally, evidence on employers’ attitudes, policies and practices towards older workers is reviewed.

Winning the Generation Game (PDF)
British Government - Report is about people over 50 and their employment. It highlights the way in which economic trends, prevailing attitudes and demographic changes are all contributing to a situation where increasing numbers of over-50s are being written off - by employers, by society and by themselves.

Quality of Life and Well-Being

Gallup World Poll
The Gallup World Poll puts the world at your fingertips. In the largest undertaking of its kind, The Gallup Organization is measuring the well-being and overall status of the world's citizens for the next 100 years. Continually polling a sample representing 95% of the Earth's adult population, the Gallup World Poll provides access to the voices, hearts, and minds of citizens in more than 130 countries and areas. Asking the same core questions across nations over time enables leaders to compare data and identify emerging trends.

Individual Production of Social Well-Being: An Exploratory Study
By Alida Christina van Bruggen

Retirement and Older Workers

See "Creative Wisdom" resources and book list

Improving Employment Opportunities for Older Workers: Developing a Policy Framework (PDF)
Philip Taylor - The trend towards early retirement and low employment rates among older workers (in the European Union) have a complex set of causes and that public policy efforts so far have made little impact on the problem.

Life After 50: Issues for Policy and Research (PDF)
Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Lifelong Learning

Documentation, Assessment and the Digital: Teaching Interpretation in Design Education (PDF)
By Linda Yaven

Pari Center for New Learning
Co-founded by F. David Peat, the Center is dedicated to education, learning and research. It fosters an interdisciplinary approach linking science, the arts, ethics and spirituality.


Human Values in Aging
A monthly e-mail newsletter, covering late-life creativity, spirituality, lifelong learning, and humanistic gerontology. Edited by Harry Moody.

Teaching Gerontology
An e-mail newsletter, covering pedagogy and instructional resources for those who teach courses in aging. Edited by Harry Moody.


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