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Blogs edited by Steven Dahlberg:
  • ageing as exile?
    A blog edited about aging, creativity, purpose, transition, learning, retirement, work and well-being.
  • Applied Imagination blog
    A blog exploring ideas about creativity, creative thinking, creative problem solving, innovation, applied imagination, education, creative studies and more.
  • Choosing Elder Care blog
    News and information about the Elder Care Expos events in Minnesota, as well as general information about elder care resources for baby boomers, their parents and elders.
Articles by Steven Dahlberg:
  • Engaging Creative Community: Sculpting Society by Choice, Not by Chance
    Steven Dahlberg contributed this piece to a cooperatively-produced issue of New Village Online, which has has just been released on the theme of "Unboxing Democracy's Magic." The four articles explore creativity, communities and democracy.
  • Think and Be Heard: Creativity, Aging, and Community Engagement
    [By Steven Dahlberg - For Americans for the Arts - USA] White paper about creativity, arts and aging, written by Steven Dahlberg as a follow up to the 2007 MetLife Foundation National Arts Forum Series. "Arts and aging is neither just about art, nor just about aging. Rather, it is about creativity and positive engagement -- that is, creativity as both a goal and a process for shaping the self and society. ... It is through such creative thinking and self-expression that people connect with others and shape the world. Such a work of art is a lifelong process," writes Dahlberg who is also a partner in Elder Care Expos, LLC.
  • The New Elderhood
    [By Steven Dahlberg - Training magazine - USA] Many changes in the corporate world have impacted the quality of life of people who are nearing retirement age. When those 50-plus began their careers, they often expected to work for one organization for 40 years, then retire (and stop working) at a set age and receive a pension. But the rules have changed and these workers are facing very different work and post-work lives.
  • Unleashing Your Child's Creativity
    [By Steven Dahlberg - The Phoenix - USA] Creativity – in children and adults – can be unleashed to regularly experience, discover and foster the power of one’s imagination.
  • Aging: A Migratory Experience
    [By Steven Dahlberg - The Phoenix - USA] We have all found ourselves in various new places - whether physically or mentally - including new jobs, new neighborhoods, new cities, new marriages, new relationships, divorces and deaths. These experiences require skills for adapting, changing and imagining new possibilities.
  • Creativity By Choice, Not By Chance: A Mindset for Surviving the Ageing Workplace
    [By Steven Dahlberg - Knowledge Management News - UK] If we learn to live with a creative worldview – where we suspend judgment, think divergently, seek many alternatives, become aware of this moment, and connect beyond ourselves – we can radically transform the way we choose to engage in life and meaningfully create joy-filled vocations and careers.
  • The Right Environment
    [By Steven Dahlberg - Global Knowledge Review] When is the last time you sat down and wrote out a Great Workplace Manifesto – one, where if all the stars aligned to create that place, you’d most like to spend eight to ten hours a day? We face a choice everyday about creating meaningful jobs, work and workplaces – places where our creative spirit is tapped, encouraged and supported.
  • Creativity, Education and Change
    This book by educator Berenice Bleedorn - Education is Everybody's Business: A Wake-Up Call to Advocates of Educational Change - really makes the case for the deliberate teaching of thinking - creative and critical - in education. It also links the importance of education to a thriving democracy. An idea in the book - that "democracy deserves the best thinking possible" - offers a great way to begin thinking about any number of political issues in the world today.

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